Sunday, August 07, 2005
Best laid plans, and all that
I just love it when a planned day goes well. Yesterday was not one of those! LOL And I behaved terribly to someone on the phone and am embarrassed by it.

My plans for us to be at Ikea when they opened at 10:00 didn’t happen. Husband took his time going on his training ride so we didn’t even get on the road until 11:00. I was a little miffed about this because I knew the traffic would be awful, and I wanted to hurry up and get home to start building on my room again…. purely selfish reasons.

After Ikea we headed over to Roadrunner Sports. A dreams-do-come-true kind of place for runners. I’ve never seen so many fit people in my life trying to buy running stuff. They have a treadmill in there for you to try out your new shoes. They have the pronate/suplinate thingy in there to see what type of feet you have. There were very few people in there with any type of extra body-fat. I felt very out of place. He immediately became a member to get the discount (which means he plans on spending a lot of money there in the future) and found out at the register that he also gets a 10% military discount. Honestly, I would like to go back and get a proper pair of walking shoes, and I’m thinking of encouraging him to go there very often since it’s a 10-minute drive from Ikea. Evil aren’t I?

Okay, so we get home, unload everything out of the Jeep into the front yard and by then it is 2:30. No lunch, we’re both starving and I scarf down a PB&J. Husband sits down and says, “as soon as you get one of your cabinets unloaded, let me know and I’ll help you move it.” I evil eye him and tell him that it’ll be faster if he helps. He helps.

Here’s where I start to get worried if what I bought is going to work.

One cabinet (the leaflet/magazine one) fills the whole top of my dining room table. And one chair.

We slide that cabinet into the hallway and proceed to empty the second cabinet into the first one. That’s the easy one since it’s full of Sterlite containers full of fibers and fabric. Then we slide the second cabinet next to the first one in the hallway. These are both across from Son’s bedroom. He’s never home anymore so we figured they would only inconvenience me until I get them unpacked and since I hate being inconvenienced I’ll get them unpacked rather quickly. Wrong! Son comes walking in the door, with a friend, about 10 minutes later! LOL Fortunately (or not) it was to change clothes, eat and leave. He has a rave in LA to attend and won’t be back until Sunday morning, in time to get ready to go to work.

We had decided before we went to Ikea that we’d move the desk to the left side of the room, the daybed in front of the window, and build the shelves on the right side of the room. We even measured before we left, but when we started moving things around it didn’t take long to figure out it wasn’t going to work, so that put us behind in getting stuff done as well. We built the corner unit (which didn’t take us long since we’d built one a couple of weeks ago) and moved the desk back in front of the window. Then we started on the shelf unit.

I’m getting more excited, because I can tell it’s giving more walking room and making the room look more open having these shelves in here instead of what I had before. However, Husband informs me halfway through the shelves that some dowels are missing. I pulled all the parts out, and separated them, so I knew there were no more parts in the boxes. I called Ikea and was told I had 2 choices. Make the hour drive back there with my receipt to get more dowels or wait 5-6 days for them to send me some. This is where I got ugly on the phone (no cussing or anything like that) and hung up. Of course that’s about the time that Husband picks up the shelves to move them and discovers that he’d already put the “missing” dowels in the other end of the shelves and had forgotten. Have you ever seen me put my hands on my hips? It’s frightening. And of course, I blame him for my getting ugly with the customer service person at Ikea.

We finish putting the shelf together, stand it up and align it and it works great. Husband builds one of my organizers for me and slides it in then starts putting the doors on. They were a pain, and one of them needs aligning better because it doesn’t close, but by then it’s late, we’re hungry again and decide to tackle that after dinner.

After the doors are on (they do look nice), I start putting my fabric on the first organizer and he comes in to build the second one. After I finish with the first container of fabric I decide to put the second organizer in and start filling it and it won’t go in! The doors are in the way. I’m in there pushing and muttering under my breath (purposefully kind of loud) and Husband comes in to see what’s the matter. Of course he immediately thinks I’m doing it wrong and tries himself. The same different ways I tried. Now he’s muttering under his breath (I think I heard something about cross-stitch in there) and announces one of the doors will have to come off to get it in. Sigh. But it will have to wait until tomorrow since he doesn’t feel like messing with it tonight.

So I proceed to fold more fabric.

Here’s an awful picture of where I was when I got tired of it last night. I think that was about 9:30. I didn’t even pull out my schoolwork, except to move it when we were shifting cabinets around. So, here it is, the next day and I have two tubs of fabric waiting on me. These tubs are twice the size of what held what you already see.

I heart fabric. I heart Ikea. I have a paper to write. I need to stitch. But my laundry is done!

4:54 and I'm done! I think the ONLY thing that's not in that cabinet is aida. I do have some pieces of it, but they're going to eBay. I don't use it anymore so there's no reason for me to keep any around. I used to know someone who was a strict aida user, but I gave her some evenweave this past weekend and I'm hoping to completely convert her ;)
So here's what we have left to right, top to bottom (click for larger view):
Top shelf - 30 ct Murano ash rose, cream, federal blue, pewter, mushroom, moss green, antique white
1) unusuals; 2) hand dyed blues; 3) hand dyed purples; 4)natural linens
1) green linens; 2) blue to grey linens; 3) black and white; 4) natural linens
1) hand dyed bluegreens; 2) hand dyed blue/purples mix; 3) hand dyed pinks; 4) hand dyed naturals
1) banding; 2) Kiwi naturals; 3) pink, mauve linens; 4) hand dyed naturals
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