Saturday, August 27, 2005
There and back again
by noon! I think I finally have everything I need to finish organizing my office! Woohoo! They were out of the two lights I wanted to install in my corner shelf units, but that's okay. I have a lot of "organizing" to do once I get the two new units put together today so I'm in no hurry. I also knew that the lights would not be installed today anyway, so it's no big deal.

I bought 5 more wooden magazine holders and two lovely baskets. I saw so many things that I think might work on the shelves but I put off buying them until I get what I already have used. I'm still trying to figure out how to organize my Vikki Clayton silks. Anyone have any suggestions? I have yet to order the rings to hold my other fibers but that will happen this afternoon or tomorrow.

Husband is leaving bright and early tomorrow morning for a week at Headquarters, Marine Corps so I plan on having a lot of organizing time (when my homework's done) and I'm determined to get my room finished and pictures posted by next weekend. I'm also hoping to have some stitching time since I'm more than half way through BC August Rings. I may even get it finished this weekend, depending on how things go this afternoon with installing my shelving units. I also have the drawers that go under my daybed that need to be built and installed. They've been sitting in the hallway leaning up against a wall and threatening to trip me at night for the past week.

Boy am I ready! I'm so tired of having to climb over and around the piles on my floor. It was looking so nice last month when I had a stayover guest, but that was because it was all crammed into the two old cabinets or into copypaper boxes and stored in a closet. I want it cleared out and put away where it belongs so I can revel in how many lives I need to live to get it all stitched. One unit I bought today is for my quilting fabric and I've had it packed away so long I really don't remember what all I have.

Plus I want to get some other areas in my house de-cluttered and feel like I need to finish one room at a time.
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