Friday, August 26, 2005
I’m managing to settle in to my new duties rather well. I’m still having trouble getting used to not having a computer. I don’t know how many times over the past 4 days I was told to draft a letter to so-and-so and I walked out of Boss’s office to do so before realizing I don’t have anything to draft a letter on! LOL

Thursday I worked on one of my construction cases and discovered that none of the discovery, on either side, has been answered. The file was a disaster (not my fault) so I went through every single piece of paper and sorted into file categories. I vaguely remember sending out special rogs to our client for answers and came across the letter I sent her asking her to answer, but she was out of the country and we received an extension until her return to answer. I also remember there were some settlement negotiations going on because I had to prepare argument to charges for it, but didn’t even think at the time that the discovery was still outstanding. It has never been my responsibility to track any dates so out of sight out of mind for me. That will stop after my discovery today though. We go to mediation the first part of October and we need those answers in order to represent the client.

I spoke to an attorney today about working in a construction defect firm. She was in the office to swap some files (she’s doing overflow research) and mentioned that she was starting a new job on Tuesday with a firm, plus had another hit at this firm that specialized in construction defect. Man, did I perk up. I told her I was interested in it and if she heard any leads about a part time job I’d love to know about it, I’m willing to start at the bottom and work my way up, etc. She said she’d keep me in mind. We also talked about a few other things I won’t get in to here, but when she left she gave me her home and cell phone number written on her business card.

In my mailbox on Thursday: Hillside Sampling Dogwood Band Sampler; Sampler Sewing Basket; Queen of Fragrance; Earth Laughs Sampler; Little by Little Black Heart Samplar; Mary Garry’s Seasonal Mementos I; Amelia’s Skating Remembrance; The Ice-Skating Party; Milkpaint Sampler; Forget-me-Not Sampler; and a Fine Lines magazine (Winter 2001).

I’m definitely going to Ikea tomorrow to get the other two shelving units to complete my office organization. I plan on picking up two lights and some wooden magazine holders and maybe a couple of other organizing containers while there. That should finish me out, except for maybe a couple more containers.

Husband’s first surfing lesson is this morning. He decided to take the surfing class offered by the college and is first on the waitlist. He’s crashing the course.
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