Monday, August 01, 2005
July's Stitching Progress and August Goals
Plain and simple, July was a total flop! I stitched a total of 8.1 hours. I am behind on my Snappers Stitch-along and am making getting caught up one of my August goals.

For August, I've changed my rotation a bit. I'm still keeping 6 projects in it, and hoping I get to all of them, but one of those projects is a SIPI (stitch it or pitch it**). I know I've put off finishing Paula Vaughan's July Quilt for all Seasons because I hate the color chart so much (grrrr Leisure Arts), but I'm more than 1/2 way thru it.

August's rotation projects:
  1. Shepherd's Bush Americana Scissor Fob (need to backstitch front, stitch back, put it together)
  2. Bent Creek June snapper (yes, that's right. Even though I got a head start, I put it away instead of finishing it and never got it back out! All I have left is the very bottom border, though.)
  3. Bent Creek July snapper
  4. Bent Creek August snapper
  5. Linda Driskell's Treasure Box
  6. Paula Vaughan's July Quilt for all Seasons
  7. Shepherd's Bush St. Nicholas Roll (More than 1/2 way thru stitching this. I'm going to turn this into a flat fold.)
Okay, that's 7, but I'm not really counting June's snapper because it'll take me all of 5 minutes to finish it. I also know that I need to get back to having a focus piece. We talked a bit about this on Saturday and it was great to hear there is someone else that does better when they're focusing on one thing. For me, for now, that's going to be the snappers until I get caught back up. After that my focus piece will be next year's Fair entry (Mirabilia's Lady of the Flag, Mermaid of the Pearls or Fairy Moon).

Another non-stitching goal I have for August is to get my stash put up on eBay. During my reorganization I have found so many duplicates, including Dimples Le Epoque Noveau. Shocking! I did notice it sold for $40 something on eBay yesterday.

**SIPI is something I came up with awhile back. I have several projects in my WIP pile that I need to decide if I'm going to stitch it or get rid of it. Instead of just continuing to skip over them I've decided to stitch one more 10 hour rotation on them and then decide if I want to keep them or either sell it, trade it, give it away, or toss it in the trash. Stitch It or Pitch It! I mentioned this on the Rotation BB a couple of weeks ago and several people have adopted SIPI for themselves.
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