Saturday, July 16, 2005
Saturday stuff
Husband is competing in his first triathlon as I type this. He was in the 3d wave to swim and was supposed to start at 8:30. I'm positive he's out of the water and well into his cycling portion of the race by now (9:04). I can hardly wait for him to get home and re-compete the race by telling me everything about it. His enthusiasm is wonderful and he makes it very easy to get caught up in it.

Yesterday at work was very interesting. I think I took care of more personal stuff for Boss than I did work stuff. No complaints there though since some of it was real estate related and I got to talk to his realtor about buying houses, etc. while we were waiting on Boss to get back from a meeting. I had another construction issue come to me yesterday. Boss told me that he's going to start giving me all the construction stuff and give D all the corporate stuff since I know what I'm doing now. Ha! This will be my 3rd construction issue and it looks like I'm quickly getting my 'specialization' set for me. If people would do everything in writing when it comes to building their homes there'd be no need for me, but as long as people continue to do it the way they're doing it now I'll have a job. Oh, and make sure you get a copy of the contract after the contractor has signed it. Every one of the cases I'm working on right now (all 3 of them) none of them have a copy of the contractor's signature, just their own. The next thing I'll be learning about is mechanics liens. Stupid me thought they were related to cars until yesterday.

I had a wonderful hour-long phone conversation with my mom this morning. I cannot remember the last time I spoke on the phone with her for that long. I don't know what has happened but all of the sudden we are getting along fabulously. I am very happy about this and am worried that it won't last. I've always loved her, but haven't always liked her. In fact at one time in my life I told someone that I could never be friends with someone like my mother. That has changed though and she's one of the main reasons I so want Husband to retire so we can move back to Louisiana. It was a great conversation full of laughing, bitching and just catching up. It's been almost 2 weeks since I last talked to her.

I was supposed to have an eye appt this morning but I never heard from the clinic. I'll have to remember to call them on Monday to see what happened. I'm heading out this morning to go shopping. I haven't shopped by myself in ages and have been looking forward to it. I'm looking for new sheets and a pillow for the daybed and some wool felt. I might even snatch up another fiestware place setting (green or orange). I'm looking more forward to tomorrow's shopping spree at Ikea when I get my new desk and a shelf unit. Woohoo! Looks like the Jeep is really starting to pay for itself.
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