Thursday, July 14, 2005
I am so glad tomorrow's Friday!
I have been running to catch up since the alarm clock went off on Monday morning. I looked at my stitching log for the month and have about 3 hours of stitching in this month. Waaaaah! It feels like I have less time with less classes. Why is that? I also don't feel like I'm giving enough effort toward my homework. I did make a 98% on my first exam, so I guess I shouldn't be complaining too much about that.

I'm getting excited about Sunday and going to get my desk and a new corner shelf. I've been reading on one of the BBs I frequent about what stitchers are doing with their smalls and I am in love with a shadowbox frame I saw. I think a couple of those would be perfect hanging over my new daybed. Kinda pricey though, so maybe I'll hint about them to Husband since he mentioned putting a shelf or two on that wall.

I still have a small pile sitting in front of my closet and some things in the hallway that I need to get rid of this weekend. I have my own annual LASIK appointment really early Saturday morning so I'm hoping I can get my errands done right after that and stay home for the rest of the day and get those things taken care of, with the exception of the stuff that will go on my desk, and the two full copy-paper boxes full of leaflets/kits that need to be put in my stash cabinets. I'm embarrassed to say, I don't have room for them as I have the cabinets organized right now. I need to get the eBay stuff weeded out and get the rest of my stash entered into my Organized Expressions program.

I'm waiting to hear from Husband about his eye appointment. Today marks 6 months since he had his LASIK and he's supposed to be talking to the surgeon about having the surgery again, but this time for astigmatism. He knows he'll be traveling next month for the Marine Corps and really wants to get this done and over with. Having surgery again will affect his ability to participate in triathlons and surfing and that's not a good thing. Speaking of triathlons, his first one is this coming Saturday. He was supposed to start swimming in his wetsuit today, so I'll have to remember to ask him how that went.
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