Saturday, July 09, 2005
Marching on....
While I love holiday weekends, since they give us extra days to do whatever, I feel like I'm always trying to catch up afterwards. I had a very productive weekend, but feel like I got absolutely nothing done this week. I know that's not true, since I went to class twice, did homework once and completed an exam and got half way through one of those gargantuous boxes from the closet. I just felt off all week.

The next two weeks will be interesting as I'm working from 9-5 every day but one since the morning 'girl' is on vacation. I am a teeny bit stressed about getting homework done during that time, since I normally do my homework in the mornings as I don't have to be to work until 1. Now I'll need to do it in the evenings afterworking all day, when I don't feel my brain is as fresh as it needs to be. And forget stitching! I'm sure I'll be too tired for any.

But, I'm already spending the extra money I'll be making. Husband and I are going to rent a truck and go to Ikea next Sunday to pick up my new desk. I'm really looking forward to the extra space it will give me. The desktop area is smaller, but since it has a contraption that fits on the legs to hold the CPU and shelves to hold everything else, I'll be ahead of the came.

When I finally sat down to stitch last night I had to frog an hours worth of work and it was quite disheartening since it's a scissor fob. An hours worth on one of those is half done, you know! LOL.

Today I'd like to stay at the house and do the laundry, stitch, and finish up in my room. My new daybed will be delivered tomorrow and while I'm probably dreaming to think this, I'd like to have everything moved to where it's going to stay (except the new desk) by the time it gets delivered.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments on my new blog. It's a bit of a shock to pull it up. Lisa is great help and she's solved my column width problem. I still want to clean up those columns some more though.

I still need to get the hang of posting pictures here, too, so I'm playing :)

Mighty Bandit protected us from a backyard monster last night. He woke Husband up to go outside (we still keep his door locked after the coyote incident). Husband was standing on the patio and heard Bandit growl and figured something was in the yard or on the other side of the fence. In steps the mighty Marine with his trusty maglight. It was a frog. We feel so safe. Well I don't. I'm wondering if it was the same frog who attacked my stitching last night.
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