Sunday, July 10, 2005
My house smells like poop!
Real poop. Since we have no a/c, we have to leave a window cracked and the smell woke me up this morning. Woooooooonderful! There are some huge tomatoe fields between us and the ocean, actually next door to where Husband works and they've been fertilized. Now I have family that raises chickens (real yum here!) and cattle and horses so I'm used to stinky things. I spent a lot of time with my "country" family and never shied from being around the stinky stuff. Even in the "city" I have no problem spreading manure where manure needs to be spread; H O W E V E R, this stuff smells like dog poop! It's so strong that I cannot smell the Chicory I have brewing in the kitchen AND I went hunting through the house at 6 a.m. this morning seeking a Bandit "accident!" So now I'm mad that the tomatoe poop made me think my sweet, innocent (right!) Bandit smelled up my house and woke me up and makes it so I cannot smell my coffee! There will be candles burning today. Whew!

Speaking of something that stinks.....the reviews of Mr. and Mrs. Smith stunk. Husband and I went to the movies yesterday (yes, I was supposed to stay home and rearrange furniture) and we both really enjoyed it! We're now quoting things from the movie to each other at appropriate times ;)

I did not stitch yesterday, but I did make a hole in my room for the new daybed. I also made a huge mess in my room doing so, and will share pictures, later ;)

Husband is going to some triathlon that's going today in a nearby city. He wants to see how they stage things since they are doing his triathlon that's next Saturday. I plan on working more in my room, since we'll be picking up the bed this afternoon. I could leave things as they are for now, but I really want to get it done so I won't have to do this again next weekend, when we plan on getting my desk. I want to be able to just focus on doing that only and maybe, just maybe, be able to sit and stitch a bit.
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