Monday, July 25, 2005
Coloring, cutting and shopping, a girl's best friends
I'm tired of the way my hair feels from all the highlights so I'm going back to the natural me, grey and all. It sounds counterproductive but my hairdresser advised me to use the lowlight color on the top layer of my hair to blend in the roots and highlighted area. My hair holds color well so it will be a long time before I have to put anything else on it. She also wacked off 2 inches which brought me (finally) to all one length from the hair cut from hell last July 2. Of course it also brought all those layers almost up to my shoulders and was a bit of a shock to see how short it was.

The shopping has been here and there, buying new linens, towels, much needed new throw rugs, bakeware and boxes for storage (more on that in a minute). One funny trip was to Bed, Bath and Beyond and just as I got there I remembered to call my mom to find out what she used to clean her candle holders to get the soot off them. The next thing I knew we had talked about tons of other things for a whole half hour with me putting things in my cart as I wandered the store and talked. I bet I had $1000 in there! When I realized what I was doing I immediately got off the phone and started putting things back. Close call! Lesson shopping with mom on the phone! LOL

We also "bought" a storage room this weekend. Okay, we're really renting it, but I cannot wait to fill it up. Our house is so small and we have everything we own in it. We are finding we love our stuff less and less because it's so hard to navigate around. We have bookcases in our hallway we had so many books. Not anymore! The books have all been packed and the bookcases disassembled. They'll be headed to the storage room tomorrow. I also packed up 2 boxes of books from just my office, but those will be stored in the garage until I can take them back to the school and sell them back next month. While we only touched the tip of the iceberg, the house is already started to look less cluttered. It's amazing how easy it is to dust with a ton of stuff to move around.

After declutting what you can see, I'll start in on the closets and I need to weed out my stash and put it up for sale. I've thought about trading but I really need the money to put toward our house savings account and I'm being rather brutal with myself with what I'm getting rid of.

I have a get together planned for my house this coming Saturday. Right now there are 10 of us. I was expecting 3 or 4, so I'm really excited.

And since I forgot to post, and G has asked, Husband did well at his triathlon. He finished 6th in his class and there were 100 people who finished after him. After he got the charlie horses to stay out of the tops of his feet, I fed him pickle juice and sent him to bed where he passed out for 2 hours. His words when someone asked him how it went, "It kicked my ass, and I can't wait for the next one." Yesterday he was looking at one of his men's health magazines and asked if I remembered him talking about the woman who went flying past him and finished 3rd overall. Her picture was in that magazine and he was tickled to death. Her name was Jessie Stensland. She finished 4th in the Olympic trials and 6th in the Olympics. He's in love ;) Thank goodness she's too fast for him ;) ;) He hasn't trained any since because he left a couple of days later to ride all the way to San Francisco on his motorcycle to meet up with an old Marine buddy of his that retired about 10 years ago. He ran today and did great. Said he flew through his 5 miles. I'll admit to wishing I had 1/10th of his dedication.
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