Tuesday, July 05, 2005
2nd Quarter Report & July Goals
I'll get the July Goals over with first. I really need to get my StRIPping and rotation under control, as you'll see by my 2nd Quarter report!

2nd Quarter Report

(1) Keep up with my rotation: I went from doing rather well in the 1st quarter to non-existent in the 2nd quarter. And I don’t care! LOL I am still stitching, though somewhat sporadic, but I’m not working on anything in my rotation. I do need to get this back under control….guess I’d better start caring. Maybe I need to revisit what I have in my rotation. If it's not bringing me joy, I shouldn't be hanging on to it.

(2) Keep StRIPping: Still not sticking to the start 1 for every 3d finish. In fact the “hog-wild” that I didn’t do in the 1st quarter, I’ve accomplished that in the 2nd quarter. At one point, you could have said I was out of control! I haven’t even looked at my STRIP list in the past 2 months.

(3) Organize freebies: I thought I had them all together in the 1st quarter but my reorganization efforts found a bunch hidden in nooks and crannies. They were added to the pile but I still haven’t put them in the binder yet.

(4) Quilted wall hanging: This is probably the only area of my stitching life that is going the way I planned. I’m still snapping!

(5) Christmas Tree: I didn’t do very well here either. I know the pattern I want to use, but it’s for a regular sized tree and I don’t know how to reduce it for a smaller tree. I have someone coming to visit me and I’m hoping she can help me pick out fabric. As for the actual ornaments, I haven’t finished off any this quarter, so now I’m behind. Way behind.

(6) Quilting: the Bent Creek wall hanging and a tree skirt for the above tree will cover this. Still have faith here!

(7) Crocheting: I think I’ve given up on this happening. I am trying to do too much and it’s stressing me out.

(8) Beading: Still haven’t started that scissor fob, but I have acquired directions, beads and other supplies needed for a beaded needlecase…which I haven’t started.

(9) Finishing: Spring Queen was indeed framed and entered into the fair along with Jackie’s Purple Iris. Happy Dancing all over the place here!

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