Monday, July 04, 2005
I am beat!
Better yet we are beat! Husband and I made huge dents in our honey-do lists this weekend. Mostly it was a throw it away; give it away; pack it away weekend for both of us.

In addition to installing a new dimmer switch and some sort of gasket on his new Jeep (which took him most of the day), Husband made the garage almost look like a garage instead of a storage unit. It'll never be anywhere we park more than the motorcycle, but at least we can freely walk around it now.

We have two new adirondack chairs on our back patio and it's been almost completely de-junked. There's also a transplanted geranium from the front yard, the birdbath was scrubbed and the mohawk bird that patiently waits for new water is happy.

I spent most of the weekend in my office.

My career paperwork went from a copy paper sized box to a folder 2 inches thick. The shredder filled a trash bag, even though we have a cross-cutter.

The chest of drawers that once stood center of the longest wall in the room is now in the closet that I cleaned out today. None of the clothing in that closet has been touched for almost 3 years and needy people will be receiving a lot of nice work clothes I can no longer wear. I did find some jeans that I can wear again, and that thrilled me and strengthened my resolve to keep trying to lose weight.

I now have all (I think) of my freebies in one place waiting to be put into the binder I purchased the first of the year.

All of the leaflets I'm thinking of eBaying are in one place, but they really need to be gone through again to make sure nothing was mixed up during my clean out of a couple of stacks.

I filled almost 2 full empty copy paper boxes with leaflets, kits and magazines that have been stacked willy-nilly in my room and they'll be painstakenly entered into my organizer before put into the cabinets that still need to be moved to the other side of the room.

I still have a lot of fibers that need to be put into their proper boxes (some new, some from completed projects) but they need to be entered into the organizer before boxing them, since I've already entered the ones in the boxes.

I still have 2 large piles that need to be packed up and and what I've already packed is stacked in the hallway to make it easier for me to move the furniture around.

My school books are still stacked willy-nilly but that will go away over the next couple of weeks as things get moved around better.

I now have two extremely large boxes sitting in the middle of my living room that need to be dealt with this next week. They are full of books, photographs and probably video tapes so there will be more tossing-away, giving-away and packing away there.

All this weekend has proven to us is that we definately need a storage unit. We have some beautiful things that are really crowding us in our tiny government house. These are things that we do not want to get rid of since they would be fine in a larger home so we're on the hunt for affordable storage next week.

It's now almost 9 p.m. and we're both so tired that neither of us feels like going to see the fireworks. I can hear Husband relaxing by killing people on his computer and since I have stitched a total of 2 1/2 hours this whole weekend I think I'll go add some time to that instead.

Tomorrow I head to the fairgrounds to pick up Spring Queen and Jackie's Purple Iris, then go from there to work, then from there straight to class to pick up my first exam that'll be due on Thursday.
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