Friday, April 01, 2005
1st Quarter Progress Report
Wow! 3 months gone already! I'm not being as successful as I'd hoped to be, but if I were realistic I'm probably doing rather well considering the amount of coursework I've been carrying.

(1) Keep up with my rotation: So far I've finished 3 things that were in my rotation. I'm on my 2nd rotation.

(2) Keep StRIPping: Still hanging in there, though rather slow right now. I've not stuck to my start 1 for ever 3d finish, but I haven't gone hogwild either. I'm still sorting and adding to my StRIP list.

(3) Organize freebies: I have (I think) all of my freebies together in one spot now. They now need to be alphabetized by designer and put in my binder.

(4) Quilted wall hanging: I’m keeping up with the Bent Creek 2003 Monthly Snappers, so this is on track.

(5) Christmas Tree: My ornament tree arrived and is being stored in the garage. Ornaments are still being made, but I haven't finished any out yet.

(6) Quilting: see (4). This also includes a tree skirt for the above tree, but I still haven't decided on fabric.

(7) Crocheting: I still haven't purchased yarn for this, and am beginning to think it's not going to happen this year.

(8) Beading: The beaded scissor fob kit I purchased is still patiently waiting for me to get to it.

(9) Finishing: I am taking Spring Queen to the framers this weekend. She's going to be entered in the County Fair :)

So that's it for my update. No great achievements, but nothing to complain about either.
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