Friday, March 11, 2005
Ever pull a rabbit out of a hat?
I cannot believe I've finished my paper! Here it is Friday and I've finished my paper last night! I really expected to be typing away on Saturday morning. I still have the client letter to write, but that's a piece of cake. I can actually return to the almost normal life I was living before 2 weeks ago. I am exhausted and will probably sleep almost all weekend. I have learned the past 2 weeks that if I get less than 6 hours of sleep too many nights in a row I am a zombie and sometimes don't even remember driving from one place to the other, undereye concealer really works and there are 2 ladies I could just hug for listening to me constantly whine (Thanks A & C).

Thank goodness Spring Break is just around the corner. We decided to do nothing special during that week. Husband is taking off as well and we will probably go to Disneyland on Tuesday or Wednesday. We both love that place. Other than that I intend to spend a whole bunch of time on my behind stitching and watching movies. Whether that happens or not, we'll see. We tend to not make plans to do stuff and end up doing stuff anyway. I do have a couple of projects and a mid-term (take home type) due the week after that but I have already started working on them and they should not suck up too much 'vacation' time.

Husband came home last night with his orders to his new job. He is to report no sooner than April 1 and no later than April 30. He said he's just going to take his time and savor the moment. With everything that has gone on to get us to this point, if it were me I'd be there at 12:01 a.m. on April 1!!! :)

The support received during this awful period in his life is much appreciated by him. I've shared with him all comments and emails received when I've posted.
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