Friday, March 18, 2005
Finding a niche at work
Yesterday I had a sit down with the boss where we went over every client and I updated him on what we (2 legal assistants) had going on with the cases. As I filled him in it occured to me that the only ones I knew nothing about were 1) the ones that had closed before I started working there and some final judgment issues were being taken care of, and 2) the new corporation/LLC or dissolution clients. The first ones I don't even want to get involved with because there's so much history it would slow things down, the second ones are extremely easy and repetition is the game. The ones I knew about were filed with the court.

I have found my niche. I guess the other legal assistant doesn't like the work involved, and there is a LOT of work involved in a suit, so she just avoids them. It had been hinted to me when I first started working there that if it was complicated or not fun the other legal assistant would leave the work for the afternoon clerk. So I caught myself waiting to be dumped upon. I guess I'm lucky, since while it is a LOT of work and it is complicated, I like it! I don't find it hard because I write everything down on a calendar. Before me, there was never a calendar on that desk, unless you want to count the freebie UPS calendar on the wall. I don't know how anyone can work at their job without a calendar!

What I find funniest about the whole thing? I'm completely organized at work. No clutter, I know everything in my box and on the desk. At's scarey. Let's don't go there.

Anyway I'm on vacation next week and there are a couple of discovery issues due next Friday. I am so organized that I will have both finished this afternoon (almost finished 1 yesterday). Boss is estatic. He's so used to having everything ready the night before, or even the day of. He kept asking me if N (the girl that's covering for me) will be able to get it done while I'm gone. It makes me nervous to wait like that, but I do understand how the games are played. Don't give them anything until you have to. No problem, but I want it ready long before that time.
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