Monday, March 21, 2005
Mozying Monday
Finally! I slept in. Imagine my surprise to turn over and see the alarm clock reading 6:45. I'm surprised the garbage trucks didn't wake me up. Of course staying up and stitching (picture below) and watching Two Towers until 11:30 probably had something to do with that ;)

I was purposefully unproductive yesterday. I did not go to the grocery store, I did not do any laundry. I only watched the last 5 minutes of NASCAR (what a great finish!) and I didn't cook anything yesterday. I think the only two 'kitchen' things I did yesterday was make a pot of coffee in the morning and brew some iced tea in the afternoon. Oh wait! I did grill some tortillas to go with the carne asada Husband made for dinner last night. Yum!

I did play with my StRIP list a bit and picked out my 2nd rotation round projects. Round 2 will be The Magnolia (Chatelaine), St. Nicholas Roll (Shepherd's Bush), "July" Quilt for all Seasons (Paula Vaughan), Christmas Drawers (Shepherd's Bush), Peacock Tapestry (Teresa Wentzler), Patchwork Pieces (Nutmeg Needle). There are some very old WIPs in there.

I started Peacock Tapestry back in 1999 and would really like to finish it. The level of stitching involved combined with the minute amount of stitching time I have equals this sucker being part of my rotation for a very long time.

Patchwork Pieces has been around since it was released (I'll have to hunt down when that was) and it contains hardanger. Combine that with how long it has been a WIP and that's the reason it was added back into the rotation.

July is the next in the oldies but goodies, and it contains one of my favorite subjects. The American flag.

Christmas Drawers was started during a trip to Missouri to visit Son when we were in Japan. I don't know why I never finished it, but that was around August 2001 and it contains specialty stitches.

St. Nicholas Roll is a rollover from round 1 and will probably get finished this week. I should have finished it before deciding on round 2 but I felt like messing around yesterday so went ahead and made decisions.

The Magnolia is a new designer for me, pink, beaded, sparkly, etc. (need I say more?) and after working on it for 10 hours over the past 2 days I'm probably 1/2 finished with it already.

So my new rotation contains a complex design, a hardanger design, an Americana design, a specialty stitch design, a quick finish design, and a new designer design. 1-S, 3-M, 1-L, 1-XL designs.

Today I'll do the grocery thing, a load or two of laundry and we're going to buy our tickets for Disneyland. We've decided to buy the 3 day park hopping whenever you want to go tickets which means I know we'll be going back 2 more times. And the rest of the day....whatever.

edited to add Magnolia progress picture

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