Monday, March 28, 2005
Back to the real world
Sigh. Spring Break is history. It was great while it lasted and it felt like it lasted 'normally.' I hate it when I'm off and the time just flies by. I think the reason it didn't this time is I refused to leave my house a few days. Yesterday was unbelievably long for a Sunday for me.

As for what I accomplished during Break, not what I had hoped, but that's okay. My list of things to do was more of a guideline/reminder than anything else. I did get my dining room rearranged and shampooed - yesterday. We made it to Disneyland last Tuesday where I was sunburned during the day at drowned starting around 4:30. We went home around 8 p.m. Wednesday was a day of recouperation for me, stitching and doing laundry. I can't even remember what I did on Thursday.

Friday was a trip to San Diego and first visit to an Ikea. Oh my. I'm now going to completely gut and redecorate my office. My next door neighbor is from Australia and she was telling me how she and her sister decorated their whole apartment from Ikea when they were going to college. She's an Ikea freak and wants to help me. We're also going to 'do' Son's room and he's excited about that (well, as excited as a 20 year old will allow you to see).

The other good thing that happened over Break was for Son. He got a job at a furniture store, that's not commission. He's definately excited about this since all his other offers were for commission only sales jobs or telemarketing or time-share appointment setting.

Oh, I just remember what Thursday was about. I didn't go anywhere on Thursday because Husband's unit held a going away 'party' for him and another Marine that's getting out. They went to the beach and played volleyball all afternoon and bbq'd. It was a non-spouse thing, which was okay by me.

So today is the day Husband officially starts checking out of his current unit. Our garage is piled with work stuff and he'll be dragging his combat gear out for a cleaning so he can get it turned in by Friday. His new unit is non-combat (sure is nice to write that) so he won't be issued any gear. He has started the paperwork for another re-enlistment. He's just about of the mind to make them kick him out at 30 years. Of course, that's just around the corner since he's already been in 23. This newest re-enlistment will take him to 26 years. He'll be promoted on Friday by his old unit commander, sign the paperwork to end his tour there, then drive over to the new unit and start checking in there. Neither of us will be surprised if something happens between now and Friday to stop all this.

According to today's ticker (up top) I have 53 more days until the end of the term. That sure seems a long wait, but I'm hoping the next 53 days will pass as fast as the first part of the term.
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