Thursday, March 03, 2005
He's staying, he's not staying, he's staying, he's
staying? Poor Husband!

Yesterday I posted on The Wagon that Husband had received an email from Colonel Marine addressed to everyone that he was directing all change of duty station orders stand as issued. For us this was confirming that Husband was staying here. A personal email was also sent to Husband from Colonel Marine stating the same thing and that he would be receiving a phonecall from Monitor Marine to arrange for his transfer over to his new unit here, so some cross-training could get done.

When all this originally started Husband was notified at the end of 2004 (I think he was given a 2 week notice?) that he would be going to this unit January 2, 2005. One of the things I never could understand is if IDHAB Marine was coming here, why wasn't he here yet, since they obviously needed someone here by this past January. Secretly I was hoping to run into him at the Commissary and give him my opinion on his man-hood, or lack thereof. But I digress....jerk!

What I didn't know when I posted on The Wagon was that Husband received a phonecall from Colonel Marine before any of the emails went out yesterday. Husband has been going into work extra early lately and he heard his phone ringing before it should have been. When he answered the phone and Colonel Marine identified himself, Husband just knew that he was being called personally to be ordered to go to wherever, asked to accept orders to New Orleans (since that would put an end to everyone being unhappy, etc.). But instead Colonel Marine asked Husband what he wanted to do. Husband told him that while he liked being in Japan he wanted to stay here. Questions were asked by Colonel including the big one - have you been to war? (yes, 2 different wars, thankyouverymuch sir!) That peaked Colonel Marine's interest and he asked for particulars on both. Husband told him he'd been to East Timor (does anyone remember that horror?) and he was on the first assault in Iraq and told him who his unit was and Colonel Marine mumbled something like "which was the first unit into Bagdad."

And for those of you who remember a certain General saying it's fun to shoot people, Husband Marine was with that General when they were headed to Bagdad. So you probably can figure out what my opinion was on that little shooting people issue.

Oops, I'm digressing again!

So Colonel Marine tells husband on the phone that he's directing orders stand with Husband going to MTSSA (here) and after that is when the emails go out from Colonel Marine to all.

Husband is not excited about any of this. He says he's been jerked around so much these past 3 months that he's not counting on any of this happening. He feels deep inside that one way or another IDHAB Marines is going to get it changed where he comes here and Husband gets sent to New Orleans. I don't remember all the particulars Husband mentioned last night but he thinks IDHAB Marine will get to the SgtMaj of the MC and get it all changed. To my way of thinking though, that would mean a General would have to get involved since Colonel Marine is a little higher up the food chain than a SgtMaj, even if he IS the SgtMaj of the Marine Corps.

On the other hand he's thinking IDHAB Marine is resigned that he's headed to NO because he also knows that IDHAB Marine has been calling a couple of people asking what is he going to do once he gets to New Orleans. Of course he won't call New Orleans Marine because he would tell him to go pound sand, since it's IDHAB Marine's fault all this crap has been going on!

I also know that Husband is mentally fatigued because of the inspection his unit is having right now, and he admits part of his non-excitedness stems from that. He told me on the way out the door this morning to be prepared for him to want to go out to eat tonight (there's that emotional eating thing again) and I have a test tomorrow that I need to study for tonight. Going out to eat makes me so tired since I cannot make myself NOT eat a lot (I'm sorry, but it's gooooood). So please fingers crossed for us both?

Husband needs positive things right now and I need to do well on my test tomorrow!

And one more teeny thing? DS has 3 job interviews today. He could use a couple of happy thoughts of his own, since he's getting depressed he cannot find a job. Of course before today he was interviewing with long surfer dude hair and a scraggly surfer dude goatee, but he's cut them both off for today's interviews. I hope that helps.

And Bandit is upset because he pulled the tail off his lion and I won't let him have it to pull all the stuffing out and I don't have time to sew it back on right now.

Sigh. I want happy units in my house again.
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