Wednesday, November 10, 2004
The light at the end of the tunnel
is just the other end of the candle I'm burning right now. This time of year is always hectic for me and it just flies by.

Husband got an e-mail back from his monitor. This guy just took over and sent out a blanket message to everyone to give him a few days to see what's going on and then he'll start moving chess pieces. Wish list, in order is: Camp Pendleton, New Orleans, Okinawa.

I'm wishing my life away right now because I've received next term's registration appointment. December 2. Everything will revolve around whatever math course I can get into. I've picked out 5 and have prioritized them according to what times I'd like to take the class. This also depends on what the monitor e-mails back to Husband. If we're leaving, then I won't be registering.

Son finally got his behind in gear to check car insurance rates. Somehow (or from someone) he got it into his head that his insurance was going to be $2000 paid out in one lump sum, so that's why he's been procrastinating. It'll be close to that for a year, but can be paid in monthly installments, 6 months coverage at a time. Son is also scheduled to register for classes on December 2 and he needs a vehicle in case we leave. He's determined to stay here, go to school, surf, snowboard, etc. He didn't want to move here and is totally in love with the place. I told you so!

Last night Husband took me to dinner at Olive Garden (yum, Chicken con Broccoli) and we talked about the future again a little bit (it's all we do talk about anymore) and mostly it was about what to do about Son. We're going to transfer the Miata over to his name with conditions (no selling it unless we okay the price, etc.) but we're also going to look for a VW bus to trade it in on. We've also go to start looking at student apartment rates since we'll have to budget that in if we move.

No stitching to report. Too much homework.
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