Friday, November 05, 2004
Much planning ahead
First off let me say brrrrr. It's 43 degrees here this morning. My pansy-a$$ self is not cut out for this! I want sunshine and warmth. Bandit does too!

Thank you everyone for your congratulations to Husband. I shared them with him last night. He has received congrats from around the world, since we know people living and stationed in so many places. Another friend called from Japan yesterday wanting to know if he was going to go after the job here. This friend is also an E9 and he wanted to make sure Husband wasn't going to request the job at Miramar Air Station, since he's about to return to the states and was thinking of asking for that job for himself.

We talked a LOT last night. He dropped his car off to have new tires put on and we sat in my car talking the whole time about what's going on and possibilities. Then we went out to dinner (Outback, his favorite watering hole) and talked all the way through that.

He's calling his monitor this morning and putting in his requests. He really feels positive about getting the position here. The one person senior to him has only been at his duty station for a short time and they rate higher rank there, so he'll probably be able to stay there. Husband is second in seniority, and the friend in Okinawa told him he had also heard our friend here is retiring so that makes Husband think he can easily get the job here.

His second choice is going to be New Orleans. He also wants to go there since it's close to both our families, we could afford to buy a house there and a few other reasons.

These two positions will allow him to continue to lead Marines and not sit behind a desk. But, these two positions also put him at risk of returning to Iraq, especially the New Orleans position.

He does stand a chance of being "recruited" by someone, but usually they'll call before and say "Hey, just a heads up I'm thinking of ruining your life and requesting you work for me, even if you don't want to, etc." Okay maybe not that bad, but it can happen that one of his former commanding officers might call him up and ask that he consider working for them. Right now he knows no one at the other place here or in New Orleans so that would mean Quantico, VA, Washington DC area. He DOES NOT want to go to either place.

So, I'm back to waiting again, this time for the monitor to give him an idea what's going to happen to us.

I'm thisclose to finising Dream Lover! If I get off this computer I may even get it done this morning!!! Barring disaster, there will definately be a happy dance this weekend.

It's cookie time!

1. What is your ultimate favorite kind of cookie? Do you usually bake them yourself or buy them somewhere? Why are they your favorite?

When it comes to homemade, I’m a tollhouse cookie girl! I haven’t made them from scratch in a very long time, but I do buy the pre-made dough frequently. I love how gooey they are, and you can change them by adding different types of nuts. If it’s store bought, Oreos!

2. Tell us which type of cookies you prefer. Chewy? Crispy? No-bake? Cookie bars? Or something else?

I like a chewy cookie and since bar cookies are mentioned, don’t brownies count? Yum!

3. Do you bake cookies often, or do you prefer to buy them? Do you have any special secrets for making awesome cookies? Have you ever entered a cookie contest?

No, I’ve never entered a cookie contest. Who has time? I don’t bake cookies often either, but that’s only because I’d eat too many of them and my girlish figure doesn’t need them. I probably bake brownies more often than cooies.

4. What do you like to eat or drink along with your cookies? [For example, milk, tea, coffee, ice cream, etc.]

I love milk and drink it with just about everything, so it only goes to say why have a warm gooey cookie if you can’t have a cold glass of milk to savor it with?

5. Will you be baking any cookies for the upcoming holiday season? Why/why not? Are there any traditional cookie recipes in your family? [Feel free to share a recipe with us if you'd like.]

I wasn’t planning on baking cookies for the holiday, but now that you mention it! We don’t have traditional cookie recipes, but we have others. My sister usually makes Hello Dollies, which is a bar recipe, and the rest of us make cakes and pies. I'll probably share recipes closer to the holidays.

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