Thursday, October 28, 2004
I hate confrontation
because I'm so good at it. I truly believe in fight or flight and try to do the flight as often as possible. I'd rather fight. I had to go to bat for myself at work yesterday.

School term ends December 18. My internship requires 120 hours work and we’ve been told that if we’ve met those hours and turned in all relative paperwork we won’t have to attend after our November 13 meeting. The other reason meeting those hours is so important is that I will no longer be considered an intern at work and should receive a pay increase.

I met my 120 hours last week and my timesheets just need supervisory signatures; I’m currently creating my work product journal; but I haven’t met all 3 of my goals and objectives. Okay, one of them is an ongoing thing and there’s no way it can happen in 3 months time (we are talking lawsuits folks) the other one is also an ongoing thing like library and forms maintenance, so I’ve really kind of met that one too. The last one though I’m having trouble meeting because the morning paralegal keeps doing my work! So I talked to the attorney and he’s going to talk to her today before I come in to work and tell her to do nothing more on it until I come in early on Friday morning.

Now I’ll get the cold shoulder from her for a week or two. After November 13 I don’t care what she does since it won’t affect my schooling, so I guess I can live with the cold shoulder/silent treatments for a couple of weeks.

In her defense, I know it’s hard for her to get used to there being another legal assistant instead of a receptionist/file clerk since she’s been working there for five years and having to get everything done by the end of her day at 1:00.

Stitched some more on my beastie yesterday. If the weather is not nice enough to get out of the house for a movie I’ll stitch on it again tonight. I want to get it finished so I can get started on my ornament RR and my rotation :)

My sister called last night. Her surgery went excellent. She’s had her baby-making tubes put back into working order and she and her DH are going to try to make me an aunt again. My other niece and nephew are 15 and 12 years old (I think). She’s a sophomore in high school and he’s in 7th grade. I think she’s nuts, but I wouldn’t mind a baby to cuddle (shhhh). Her DH is a kid himself but he’s a good guy and loves her and the 2 kids, and that’s all that matters.
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