Monday, November 08, 2004
Happy Birthday to my Son
Wow! 20 years old already. I'm still trying to figure out how you went from your first day of preschool to your second year in college overnight.

My kitchen is now sanitized thanks to some elbow grease, clorox and the new vacuum.

I finished stitching my Christmas ornament for the RR last night. I'll finish it out later since I need to buy some mounting board for it. Today I'm back on my WBRR beastie to get that finished. I'm determined to get everything finished and in the mail early. I'm really looking forward to working on Spring Queen again.

The SQOTW is rather appropriate for some of the things in my rotation.

What project has been a WIP/UFO the longest? Or what project took you the longest to complete?

That would be the Leisure Arts Marriage Sampler in my rotation. I don't know exactly how old it is, but I know it's about 10 years old since it got packed away before I moved to Japan in 1995. I also have TW's Peacock Tapestry as a WIP and that was started in 1999. It'll probably be 2009 before that's finished.

Tonight is Husband's Marine Corps Ball and he's going stag. I have class, Son has to work. I really wish I could be there but my Monday night class is my toughest one and she tests a lot from her notes. Since she allows us to use open books and notes for the tests, I really need to be there, especially since the test is next week and I know we'll review tonight.

Originally I was really upset I wasn't going to be there. I am, afterall, married to the oldest Marine and he's participating in the cake cutting ceremony. But now that I know he's going to be in at least 3 more years, I know there will be more opportunties to attend. I'm determined to get all 3 of us there at least once and get a photo of us in all our finery.

I didn't sleep worth a flip last night.
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