Wednesday, October 27, 2004
and it's raining again!
I know we need it; however, I feel like we're going to wash into the ocean. Flood advisories since yesterday evening, limbs down in the yard again and Bandit not wanting to get wet. The joys of rain. It makes me want to hybernate. I'd be happy to never leave the house on days like this. A good movie in the DVD player, a cup of tea next to me and stitching away the day. But it's not to be since I have to go to school and work. Oh well, one of these days :)

I'm working on my WBRR today. I'm doing the two-spotted ladybug again since this person has set her fabric out as a bug collection and has specified which beasties she wants. I only had a couple since so many have already stitched before me so I'm repeating a design. At least it prevents me from having to purchase fibers and a chart, so I'm happily sticking to my budget.

I still haven't put away all the designs I took out of my rotation. I started doing that last night and said farewell to Peace for the time being. I'm glad I started with Peace since I found the qsnap pieces I've been looking for. Never occured to me I'd left them in the drawer, I just looked where I thought would be obvious and couldn't find them. I guess that was a little too obvious.

In webpage news, I've been working on my WIPs page. Not totally there yet since I need to add in a few designs, but the ones I know will be around a little while are there. I borrowed the tabling from another stitcher's page.
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