Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Dance with me!
I finally finished Shepherd’s Roll last night. I don’t know why I didn’t just finish the silly thing way back when since it’s been so long since I started it! So now my second item has been marked off my StRIP list, another item added in. I’ll be finishing Pansy Roll next. Three finishes and I get to start something new!!! I cannot decide between Fair Moon and Mermaid of the Pearls so I’ll probably toss it out to the public in Poll form once I can find one I can put here.

I also finished up my beastie for the WBRR and am waiting on the next one to arrive. Until that happens I’m going to stitch on Pansy Roll and get my supplies together for the Ornament RR I’m participating in. It starts the first week of December but I need to cut and serge my fabric for my kits and I don’t need to put it off too long or time will get away from me.

I got my Business English exam back. I made 76%. Yuk. Dang mystery illness. Oh well. Guess that’ll be the one that gets dropped at the end of the term.

I think I’m 100% back to normal health wise. I’ve been trying really hard to drink lots of water and have made drinking 3 liters of water a day my goal for the next 7 weeks.

In other mundane news. My Civ Lit class was canceled last night and it’s still raining!
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