Thursday, September 30, 2004
Yippy Skippy!
Yippy Skippy! I made an "A" on my Business English exam. 96%. And I'm mad at myself (LOL) because the errors I made were exactly the same and the minute I got my paper back I knew what was wrong. I won't have my Civ Lit test back until Monday night.

Yippy Skippy! I also got my mammo results back. I knew what they were going to be since they developed the xrays while I was waiting, and then showed them to me, but I'm so impressed with the way the sent the results. They came on a beautiful piece of light pink stationary with 2 beautiful longstem pink rosebuds on the side. So nice to see something like this in our sanitary white world.

Yippy Skippy! It's payday! My bills are paid and I have $$$ leftover that I'm going to try really hard to not spend. My one splurge this payday is 2 dozen home made tamales.
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