Friday, September 24, 2004
The special people in my life
This week's Friday Forum is dedicated to our friends.

1] What qualities in a friendship are most important to you?

Honesty, openness and the ability to listen.

2] Who is your oldest friend [in terms of how long you've known the person]? Who is your newest friend? How did you meet both of them, and why do you get along so well?

My oldest friend would have to be my husband. I've known him for 27 years (been married for 23). I don't really have a 'newest' friend. I met my husband when he lived up the street from me when I was a freshman in high school. My best friend (who lived across the street from me) and his best friend (who lived next door to him) were 'going steady' and they introduced us. I think we get along best because we both know that the other one will always be there, no matter what.

3] Have you ever met someone, become really close friends with them, and then drifted apart for some reason? How did it happen, and did you ever try to get back in touch with that person?

Oh yes! Stephanie and I have drifted apart, and it breaks my heart. I took a chance and let myself make a friend and when she moved away I tried to stay in touch. I've returned all her calls and emails but never get to talk to her. She'll leave voice mail when I'm at work or at school and when I call her back she can't talk, says she'll call me back, but never does. Just yesterday I received an email from her and answered her, but I probably won't hear back.

4] Do you feel that men and women can be good friends? Why/why not? Do you have any close friends of the opposite sex?

Yes. I've had good male friends in the past. I think the reason most male/female friendships don't last though, is not because of them, but pressures put on them by outsiders. A lot of people have trouble accepting that male/female relationships can happen without sex.

5] Do you tend to make friends easily? Why/why not? Do you have many online friends? Which of your friends lives the closest to you?

No, I don't make friends easily. Being in the military I'm constantly moving away, or acquaintances are moving away and it hurts, so I don't let myself make friends. I do have a lot of online friends and have been fortunate to meet a couple of them face to face.

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