Thursday, September 23, 2004
We have somewhat clear skies this morning.
The fire was about half contained when I went to bed last night, around 10:00. I now know that it was around the paint ball park off Vandergrift, in the Rattlesnake Canyon area. Vandergrift is the main road that goes from the main gate (where I live) to mainside and Rattlesnake Canyone area sort of cuts the base in half. No structural damage has been reported.

This morning there's no wind, and very little smoke in the sky.

It was very frightening to come home and see the smoke so close to our subdivision and not know what was going on. I slept poorly last night, dreaming off and on of fire, and am tired this morning. It was almost a year ago that the last large firestorm hit our lovely part of the state and I was really concerned it was happening again. We've been in red flag conditions for 2 days now and I cannot remember the last time we had rain.

My mammo appt went well yesterday. Painful and negative. It's amazing to look at those xrays and see all those tiny vessels running through your body. The tech who did the exam kept telling me that it shouldn't hurt. Hello! When was the last time you had one? Yikes. Bruises abound and I'm sure I'll see some pretty purple spots in a day or so.

It's 'cold' again this morning. Husband left the house wearing a hoodie, Bandit went and got back in bed, and I'm thinking of digging out my houseslippers (the fuzzy ones).
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