Saturday, September 25, 2004
Saturday stuff
We had another power outage last night. We're pretty much on our own power source and it's strange that we have outages, but never find out why. It was at midnight. I'm so glad I have an internal clock that wakes me around the same time every morning.

Started watching Season 2 of 24 last night. Husband missed all but the first 2 shows because of Iraq. I think Season 2 was my favorite, but I definately enjoyed watching Sherry-bitch get it in the end of Season 3 ;)

So far I haven't watched any of the new programs that are out. I guess working so late for the past couple of years has ruined me for evening TV. Maybe that's a good thing?

Today I have 2 classes that will last until 4:oo. I'm taking a paralegal computer class that I really like. It started out so boring, since we talked about the components of a computer, etc., and I really had a hard time not bolting from the class. But! Last week we started doing things on the computer that make a paralegal's life easier.

I had a huge project week before last that needed a Table of Authorities. It took me almost all afternoon, since I had to read a Response and find every cite mentioned. Last Saturday, we used Windows (work is WordPerfect) to find cites and it took all of 10 minutes. Man, I could have used that knowledge a week earlier!

We've also been creating our own templates, and for someone who has been a secretary for 10+ years, you'd think I would already know how to do this, but I didn't. Another nice little "trick" to make my work life easier.

The woman who works in the morning is not a computer person, per se. She uses the computer, but doesn't want to know how to do anything except use it as a typewriter, doesn't like e-mail, etc. No big deal, but I'm not like that and I want to do everything I can on the computer. It will take some talking into on her part.

The other class I have today is my intern class. We only have 4 actual class meetings and today is my second one. I have to turn in my worksheet where I've worked up my goals and objectives for the term. I did it up the first couple of weeks and my concern is that I've already started working on 2 of them and have almost completed 1, and I haven't even turned in my formal report with my supervisor's signature. I'm worried my professor will tell me I have to find some new ones. These were hard enough to come up with since I really didn't know what was going on at work, when we started the class.

I found out this morning that Lord of the Rings: Return of the King will be released in extended version on December 14. I am so excited to see that there will be 50 minutes of never-before-seen footage. I cannot imagine another hour of that wonderful film. Can you say estatic me!!!! I'm fantasizing of stitching for endless hours while watching/listening to the 3 movies over and over. Husband will roll his eyes for sure. I've added a countdown to the bottom of my webpage :)
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