Sunday, September 26, 2004
Stay-at-home Sunday
Today is going to be low key for me. I feel so rested, having slept in until 8:00, which is so unlike me. I'm trying not to think about the work I could have gotten done if I had awakened an hour earlier, etc.

All I need to do outside the house today is groceries. Then I need to study, stitch and do some laundry for the rest of the day.

Studying - I have major tests on Monday night, Tuesday morning and Saturday morning. Monday's is an open book/note test, that I'm not really stressed over. Tuesday's Business English test requires I review the chapters, since I'm not comfortable in a couple of areas. Saturday's test is on Word for my computer class and it should be a no brainer. I'll be studying some vocabulary tho since I don't trust the teacher to not throw in some of the boring stuff from the first couple of weeks.

Stitching - The kreiniks I ordered have arrived and I can carry on with my WBRR stitching. It's stitching up faster than what I expected. I'm also going to be joining an Iris stitchalong on The Silver Lining BB for the last 3 days of the month and I need to get my stuff together for that.

Now on to Sunday Brunch:

1) If you had a wedding, what flowers did you have at your wedding?

We had a small wedding so for the church I just had ferns on columns. I carried a while silk bouquet of roses, bachelors buttons and freesias.

2) What is your favorite flower?

If I have to pick I'll say orchids for their beauty and diversity and the roses for their scent.

3) Do you have flowers as part of your landscaping outside or your interior decor?

We have several hanging baskets in our front yard and some planter in the back yard. I have live cyclamens in my kitchen, but other than that no floral decor in the house.

4) If you went to your high school prom(s), what kind of flower did you wear in your corsage or boutonniere?

I don't remember what my prom corsage was, but I did go to homecoming every year and we had these gorgeous football mums that were the size of dessert plates.

5) Do you like to receive flowers as a gift or do you think it is a waste of money?

I love to receive flowers as gifts, but never get them :( I've often said that if you can't send them to me while I'm alive to enjoy them, them don't send them to me when I'm dead. I hint quite often to Husband and Son that I'd love to receive flowers, but if I want them in the house, I have to buy them myself.

My last stash purchase arrived yesterday. 3 kreiniks, 2 Needle Necessities and 1 DMC. That should be it for a very long time.

I was whining to DH that somehow or other I didn't get the 2003 JCS Christmas Ornament Issue. I'm very sad about this since it means I don't have all of them.

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