Thursday, January 04, 2007
Multiple Happy Dances
Geaux LSU!  Woohoo!  Great game with lots of hollering and clapping at my house last night.   Was wonderful watching on the new TV, too.

As an aside, can I just say that Nick Saban is a whore and a traitor and I hope Alabama loses every single game next year.

I finished the stitching on The Token yesterday.  Now I just need to “sign” it and of course I don’t have any fibers!  I’ll get Husband to hold it up for me tonight so I can get a photo.

I also found the fabric I ordered for Le Marquoir de Justine, which I’m starting today.  I had seen the fabric before I went into hospital, but when I went to get it the other day I couldn’t find it.  I had decided to order another piece, and even called the LNS.  I told the owner that as soon as I ordered it, I’d find it, and sure enough after Melissa left yesterday I all of the sudden remembered where it was.  Husband set up my ironing board for me this morning and as soon as I hit send I’ll be surging my fabric, making a working copy of the first page and settling myself in to stitch the day away.
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