Friday, December 29, 2006
Woohoo, I'm stitching again!
I finally got myself situated last night and crochet'd on a scarf for about half an hour and then I got out my stitching. It felt very awkward for some reason. Maybe the way I'm sitting. I have this humongous pillow sitting behind me because my chair is so deep that once I'm in it, I can't get back out of it by myself LOL so I improvised.

I'm working on the last motif on The Token. If Husband continues to surf as much as he has been, then I'll be getting in tons of stitching time over the next 4 days. Not to mention I have many audio books to listen to based upon several of the comments I received when I was looking for books.

In about 10 minutes we're headed out shopping! I'm a little anxious about how long I'll last and how it might make me feel tomorrow.

Thank you to all of you who are leaving comments and sending e-mails. I only spend about 15 minutes in the morning and afternoon on the computer so please don't feel neglected if you don't hear back from me really soon.

Happy holidays!
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