Wednesday, December 27, 2006
I got a Harley for Christmas!
Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my "I'm Home" post. I'm 12 days out and starting to feel a bit human again. I've been out of the house twice and I overdid it on Christmas day by standing too much but have recovered from that. I'm now just taking Motrin 800s for pain and this morning when I woke up I was laying on my side! It's the little things. Husband went to work today and left me on my own all day and I did pretty good! I still haven't stitched or read, but I've got the itch now so don't be surprised to see a stitching report from me by the end of the weekend. I need to move some stuff around since it's hard for me to get in and out of my normal stitching chair.

Now to my Christmas. Meet Harley Quinn!

She was born October 6 and has attitude. She's already giving Bandit a run for his money and he's just about decided he's not going to be given away and is "speaking" to Husband and me again. It was touch and go there for a couple of days. He was so upset about her coming into the house that the 2nd day we had her he barely ate and threw up all over the place.

We got her from the same people that Bandit came from and Bandit's father is brother to Harley's mother. I'm genetically challenged LOL so I don't know what relation that makes them, but they are related. Harley's mom (Honey) is about 2 inches shorter than Bandit so I think they'll be well matched in size.

She's a snuggler. In fact, I think she's been great for my recouperation since she loves to lay on my chest and so I've been holding her a lot. Yes, she's going to be spoiled, but so is Bandit, and isn't that what furbabies are for?
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