Tuesday, October 10, 2006
I peed on John Wayne's boat!
Twice! However now that I know there may be ghosts on it I don’t know if I should have! LOL

My weekend has been eventful for an uneventful weekend. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my 4 days off. I have made myself stay off the computer as much as humanly possible and have spent it being productive in other ways. Stitching!

Saturday I slept in until 7 a.m. Wow, you say, but to me if the alarm clock doesn’t wake me, then it’s sleeping in! I got in some quality stitching time then headed off to my hair and nail appointment. Afterwards I went to JoAnns in search of homespun and Dupioni for my Quaker Needlework Treasures. I scored – see!

Sunday I spent several hours as Melissa’s guest on the Hornblower’s Wild Goose having brunch and gossiping. I showed Melissa the homespun and silk I bought for us (she’s also making QNT) and she showed me the silks she bought for our scissor pockets, plus she gave me the new ginghers and a cute black sheep measure tape she bought for me. Which BTW Melissa, I've had to rescue twice!

I was a very lazy picture taker so you'll have to look at pictures on Melissa's blog. I think I took 4 and haven't downloaded mine yet. In fact the whole day made me lazy! I was worried about getting seasick so took a Dramamine at 10:30. On my drive home, I had to stop for groceries and by the time I got home it was 4-ish. I am so thankful Son was home to unload the car because I felt like I was going to fall flat on my face! I managed to stay somewhat awake until 7:30 then I hit the bed.

I woke up Monday morning feeling like I had a hangover! Nothing to remedy that sluggish feeling except sitting in my stitching chair all day drinking water, watching Buffy and stitching on my RR piece, which I finished!

Today was another do nothing day. Husband called me this morning from the middle of nowhere in the desert. It’s always nice to get a surprise phone call from him. It was such a romantic call too! He wanted me to log onto our cell phone account to see how many rollover minutes were left because he was having to use his personal phone instead of his business phone because he had to give his business phone to someone on the other side of the desert and...well you get the idea. It was almost as romantic as the call I received Saturday night asking me what the college football scores were. I take what I can get sometimes! LOL

Anyway, I put a roast beast on to cook so I wouldn’t have to (cook) and spent the rest of the afternoon watching Buffy and stitching again. Here is my latest finish - Hillside Samplings Folk Art Hornbook.

Next up Dimples’ Haiku and a 3-day workweek. Woohoo!
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