Thursday, October 05, 2006
California making "history?"
Last night a landmark vote took place in a city "next door" to where I live. While this city is not the first in the US to pass this law it is the largest.

Under the law,
residents, businesses and city officials can file written complaints with the city if they suspect a landlord is renting to illegal immigrants. Complaints based “solely or primarily on the basis of national origin, ethnicity, or race shall be deemed invalid,” the ordinance says.

After complaints are filed, landlords would have to provide documentation to the city of their tenants' immigration status. The city would then ask the federal government to verify the documents.

If tenants are found to be illegal immigrants, landlords would be given 10 days to evict them or face suspension of their business licenses. Repeat offenders could face misdemeanor charges and fines.

It is unknown what percentage of the city's 140,000 residents are here illegally; however "we" joke that we live in North Tijuana because there are so many.

There will be a second reading of this law in 2 weeks and then there will be a 30 day waiting period. From what I understand once that waiting period is over the law immediately takes effect.

I know my country was founded on people coming from other countries, and I have no problem with people wanting to make a better life for themselves and their family members, but I think it would be better for them to start their new life in a manner not criminal. I am glad to see cities taking steps that our federal government should be taking. We are supposed to be, as a whole, the "united" states.

On to stitching - I am almost finished stitching the needlebook portion of Quaker Needlework Treasures. I've decided that once that's finished I'll move on to my RR piece and then maybe to my Hillside Samplings hornbook. I need to go to the fabric store this weekend to pick up some finishing items for the hornbook, "Treasures," and scissor pocket.

Today is "baseball" day again. I decided not to bring any stitching in. Everything "small" would be a new start and I really need to keep those at a bare minimum. Since I'm getting ready to start the scissor pocket, I really shouldn't be starting anything else. I will say that I had pulled out my Victoria Sampler hardanger learning kits but again, I changed my mind. I have my book and can read it. I think Boss and Paralegal may be leaving early again today, but I'm not sure about myself. I may be interviewing someone this afternoon and I'm on the train today and I haven't even looked at the schedule to see what time an earlier train leaves.

One more day to my 4-day weekend. I have a lot of plans for it and it will probably feel like a 2-day weekend if all of them are accomplished. Saturday I have a hair appointment for a new style and color and a nail appointment, then it's off to the fabric store. Sunday I'm going on a "cruise" with Melissa. I'm both excited and nervous at the same time. I'm nervous about getting seasick! LOL Monday is the day we American's celebrate the inability of a man to ask for directions so that's a paid day off for me. Tuesday, I'm taking off. Tuesday I'll be 2 months away from surgery. I also need to look for some more business clothes. I'd like to find a couple more suit jackets to go with pants I already have to give me a few more options. I'm slowly losing weight though and don't want to buy too many clothes right now.
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