Friday, October 06, 2006
And they stitched happily ever after
I just knew I was going to finish the stitching on my QNT needlebook last night, but I just couldn't do it! I kept yawning and I knew that if I didn't stop, I'd be frogging. I had already made one counting mistake and fortunately caught it before it became a tragic error. It will definately be finished tonight though if I stitch since there's only about 150 stitches left. I've adjusted to Husband being gone. Last night was the first night I didn't need "liquid" help to get to sleep.

My list of things to do over my long weekend continues to grow. I was going to go out to dinner tonight but have decided to nix that and just go home and chill. Of course if I get home and there's a handsome young man who wants to go out with him mom, I may change my mind.

I'm practically counting down the hours for today to end! LOL My interviewee was a no-show this morning. Shame on her! I've received an email from someone else who's interested and honestly she looks more qualified on paper. The only thing is she didn't address the bilingual issue and I'm waiting to hear back from her so I can schedule an interview. Anyway her not showing has opened up some unplanned time in my schedule so I've decided to tackle the mess left behind from our trial last month. Stuff is scattered everywhere in the office and I've just shoved it all in a box this morning and will start sorting through it one piece of paper at a time. Oh joy! At least I'll know what everything is and where it went when I'm finished. Hopefully it'll make the day go by fast.
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