Thursday, September 21, 2006
The calm before the storm?
Things have been just chugging along in my nice, quiet and boring life:

Work has been pleasantly busy. We are taking over a small 3-room office across from us and are going to use it as a conference room and storage area. They’re painting it and cleaning the carpets so we have tons of stuff piled everywhere in our current office. I’m really looking forward to them finishing so I can clean up our main office area some. We have stuff everywhere and I really need to get it organized since we seem to be double ordering on some of our needs.

My class continues to be boring - yippee!

I have settled in to watching 2 TV programs - House and Bones. I have Studio 60 recorded and will watch that this weekend. I’m waiting on CSI to start back up and will probably record Grey’s Anatomy if it comes on at the same time, to see if I like it. I have not watched any of the reruns though so may not care for it.

I didn’t stitch Tuesday night. We had errands to run after work and I was too tired to concentrate on it so just watched TV and surfed the ‘net a little while. I did get about an hour and a half in last night. I’m working on the surrounding areas of my little swan. I have the RR that’s due to be mailed the end of October sitting on the cabinet by my stitching chair and even though it’s mail date is a long way off I’m starting to feel guilty that I haven’t stitched it yet.

I'm organizing a 6-person RR on the Shepherd's Bush BB. It will start in January. I've also signed up for a Spot RR on the World Wide Round Robin BB that is due to start in February. I feel safer doing this than participating in exchanges.

I have made final arrangements with Jill Rensel to frame my Strawberry Garden. It’ll go in the mail on Monday. I’m so excited! I’m still trying to decide if I want to frame Dresser Drawer Heart the same as the design photo. I’ll be calling Shepherd’s Bush this weekend to find out about the frame.

I started a quilting blog. The link is in my blogroll - “Miniature Me.” I love quilts and have several antique ones, but I love stitching lap-size and miniatures. I have several things in my stash to make and I want to get back into it again. Now that I’m clearing out my stitching stash I’m starting to feel less guilty about having 2 hobbies!

I’m ready for the weekend. I think I’m going to shampoo my living room this time :o)

So see, it’s been boring in my life and this worries me that it’s the calm before the storm.

Go here and look at the 4th house down. I think I need one of these to use to visit all my stitching friends! It even has the perfect name!
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