Sunday, October 01, 2006
Oh my stars it's October already!
I cannot believe it! This is probably going to be a very long month for me, since Husband is gone starting tomorrow. I’m hoping it will pass as quickly as the last 9 though.

I went to a no-host GTG yesterday and had a very nice time. I’m directionally challenged so we’ll just skip the drive there and back. The shop was having a 20% anniversary sale and I stuck to my no buying anything but finishing stuff by buying a shaker pincushion and stitching box to mount my stitching in. With the sale price I ended up getting the pincushion for free and they tossed in a package of Piecemaker needles too. Late lunch at Mimi’s was delish. I had a roast beast sandwich and fries and then I passed tim-tams around for dessert.

I got home in time to finish making a pot of chili for Husband but was so full from my late lunch that I never ate last night.

Today I’m working on laundry (Husband washed his to pack yesterday) and stitching away on Quaker Needlework Treasures while watching the last part of Godfather Part III. Husband just got home from surfing and I imagine we’ll just veg at the house today in front of the TV since he’ll be TV-less for the next month.

Thank you all for your comments the last couple of posts. I really appreciate the support. I’m just biding my time and I figure if it’s meant for me to have another job before I go out on my surgery leave, then one will come up. No matter what, though I will NOT be returning. I have saved up my sick leave and will just wait until I’ve used it up to turn in my notice.

September Goals
Finish Christmas Drawers - discovered this was really called Dresser Drawer Hearts, found it and finished it!
Start Quaker Needlework Treasures and work at least 10 hours on it - I've definately worked 10 hours or more on it. I love stitching this piece.
Finish Folk Art Hornbook - Have had so much fun working on QNT that I didn't touch this one.
Work 30 minutes a week in my craft room - more than 30 minutes a week :)
List items on eBay for sale - Nope!

October Goals
Finish QRR piece by Oct 21
Continue working on Quaker Needlework Treasures
Finish Folk Art Hornbook
List items on eBay for sale
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