Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Double thanks.
My tests went as expected, meaning they didn’t do anything to me that I wasn’t already aware was going to happen. I had an ultrasound (external and internal) and I have parts missing! LOL I’ve never been able to see what is in an ultrasound. When I was pregnant with Son they were forever having to draw for me what they were looking at, until he was almost ready to be born. For some reason my brain just doesn’t compute well in 2-D. Yesterday the technician was showing me what she was looking at. When it came to point out my ovaries, she couldn’t find the left one. Never did. I know it’s there, because it talks to me all the time now. The right one she found because there was a huge cyst on it that made it very easy to find. Sigh. Now I’m waiting again for at least 5 working days to hear back about that. My patience is running very thin these days. I feel like everything in my life is on hold until I find out what’s wrong. Last night I finally said out loud to Husband what some of my fears are.

I got started on my stitching journal yesterday. I’ve never made anything like this before and while I’m having fun doing it, I’m worried it’s not going to turn out like I want it to. I really need to buy some designing software to make it easier. Right now I’m using copy paper, graph paper, pencil and a 6" ruler. Antiquated, isn’t it.

Thanks for the suggestions on the Lakeside Linens. I even had one person contact me off blog to suggest going in together with some other stitchers in the area and sharing larger cuts. I’ll have to pitch that to the local group.

I’m also hunting for a place to purchase the special cut of Pear for Carriage House Samplings’ Sweet Humility. I hate waiting forever when I order fabric and if anyone reading knows some place to order it where I won’t have to wait forever to get it, I’d appreciate you passing that info on as well.
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