Saturday, April 22, 2006
I'm a happy stitcher!
I finally received my fabric for Houses of Hawk Run Hollow and Le Marquoir de Justine yesterday. I'm in a bit of a dilemma though, since I purchased a full yard and if I cut it in half I'll have a 2" margin for HOHRH and a 1 3/4" margin for Justine (or the other way around). No matter what I'll be using it for Justine and may have to find another piece of fabric for HOHRH. Justine was to be my "start it this summer" project, but I may just go ahead and start her this weekend. Both projects will be stitched in Vikki Clayton's silks, which I've had for quite some time.

A house that Husband and I have been in love with for a long time went on the market today. It's on the road behind where my parents live. We have decided that we really only want to live in 1 of 3 places when Husband retires and where my parents are is one of the areas. It's being sold by owner and my sister is going to talk to them and take some pictures for us. We've never seen the inside of the house, so it may be totally opposite of what we're looking for in that. A small part of me is hoping I really hate it because it's 2 years before Husband retires and I don't know if we want to buy a house that far out. Of course, we could always rent it and I know my parents would help keep an eye on it, since it's practically in their backyard. And before anyone thinks they'd not want to live behind their parents, mine live somewhat out in the country and you cannot see this house from their's.

Husband and I are trying to do our part in conserving fuel costs. We're going to change our out to eat on Friday night habit to eating out on Saturday afternoon instead and do all of our errands on Saturday mornings first. Normally where we like to eat is close to where we shop anyway so this will keep us from running back and forth out to town several times over the weekend. Now that I'm not taking classes in the evenings, I'll have time for laundry every day and that will free up Saturdays for errand running. We had also gotten into a habit of us both going or own separate ways to do errands, but we're going to combine our efforts. I don't know how many times we haven't passed each other on the roadway and that just seems kind of silly right now.
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