Thursday, March 23, 2006
You have no idea who you just pissed off - Part 1
July weekend, 2004, I went to my regular hairdresser, who for whatever reason, decided to do things her way instead of how I requested. She proceeded to cut my hair, where it should not have been cut and colored my hair in a way that left me with pink stripes. I paid $140 for this treatment. On the drive home I grew madder and madder over the situation, but when my son walked into the house and said “Mom, you have pink hair” I had had enough. I put a stop payment on the check, called A and told her I put a stop payment on the check.

She then said (in no particular order) that she was going to have her attorney contact me, that she was glad she no longer had to have me in her chair, and a couple of other things that almost 2 years has faded from my memory. The she asked me if I would come into the shop and give her a chance to correct my hair. In the first place there was no way she could correct cutting off hair that I had been growing out for over a year, and in the second place I was not about to allow anyone who had more or less threatened me, get anywhere near me with a pair of scissors. I told her I’d mail her a check for $70 to cover her supplies, and that I knew the attorney she was talking about was really just a friend who was an attorney and that I’d be more than happy to have her “attorney” get in touch with my attorney over this issue.

She didn’t want me mailing the check, so I made arrangements to leave it at a consignment shop next door to where she worked. I called her when I had done so.

Fast forward to this morning where I find that $140 check cleared my bank last night.

Now in the past I probably would never have noticed, thought my spendthrift ways had made me forget a check, but not the new me. I haven’t written a check in about year, and I track every single penny I spend because I’m trying to pay off my debt. On the day I get paid I put everything left over from last paycheck toward a credit card I’m paying down. I know where every penny is going.

I called my bank this morning to find out, after a 30 minute conversation, and a lot of holding and listening to really horrible music, that the machines that run the checks through don’t read the dates. Fortunately for me I had a service member provider that was tenacious and between the two of us we proved to the powers that be that A changed the date on the check from 2004 to 2005 and deposited it. Because we were able to prove this the bank is giving me back that money, but they aren’t going to do anything about A because to them it’s a piddly amount.

The service member provider is as unhappy about the bank not doing anything as I am so she’s sending me a copy of the check, along with copies of my statement from July 2004 and a copy of the stop payment order so I can go after A.

I know I got my money back, but A should not be allowed to keep that $140 since she has committed fraud to do so. I’m going to contact the attorney I used to work for and ask him to write a letter to A for me and we’ll be including proof that she has altered a negotiable item. I also want to handwrite a note to her and ask her if her professional reputation is worth that $140 because I’m going to send a copy of everything to the current salon/spa she’s working at and will continue to do so at every salon she works at until she pays me back. Where I live, and where she works, these spas make their money off reputation and if she thinks she can get away with this in this small town, she’s got another thing coming. I’ll see what “my attorney” says about that first though.

I talked to my mom about this on the way to work this morning and she stated exactly what I thought when I heard the bank would do nothing, but that I would be receiving the documents to pursue it on my own.

“That girl doesn’t know she’s messing with a [insert my maiden name here].”

A is into karma and fung shui and I’m about to drive a karma train right up her fung shui.

Stay tuned for Part II.

Oh and just so I don’t end this on a yucky subject, I had set a weight-loss goal for myself that I wanted to meet by April 7 (CATS Vegas). I made that goal this morning! Woohoo me!

Okay, back to being pissed off ;)
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