Saturday, March 25, 2006
S.E.X. report!
It's Saturday again, and once more I *need* to inform you of my stash acquisitions. My outstanding orders are all just about in, so my reports will be dwindling again, at least until Vegas, and then hopefully they'll trickle down again while I start saving up for Paris in Spring.

So, received this week:

Historic Needlework Guild - Seasonal Pins One
DAR Museum - Hester Vendeburge Sampler
Little House Needleworks - Americana Sampling Kit*
2 plastic zipper pouches**
Sweetheart Tree - Renaissance Romance**
Workbasket - A Stitch in Time**
Workbasket - Americana**
Cherished Stitches - Evensong Needle Book**
Brightneedle - Dutch Hornbook**
Brightneedle - Sonnenberg**
Historic Needlework Guild - Christmas in the Colonies
Mary Beale - Baby's Asleep
Design Gallery - Traditional Designs
Historic Needlework Guild - Sampler Ornament 2000
TW - Rose Tree in Bloom

The last 4 designs were a lot purchase on eBay. I'll be selling the TW design on the TWBB.

* paid 1/2 price on eBay!
** latest SB&B sale

and the voices are back....start me, start me, start me!
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