Thursday, December 01, 2005
Let the lazy lolling begin!
I’m free from school until January 18!  

The woman who was suppose to present 2nd last night was late and I asked to go in her place.  I freely admit that I wanted to present my paper before someone else showed up for class (she’s always late) because I really wanted her to ask me a question at the end of my presentation so I could tell her “I’m sorry, I already discussed that issue” then go my merry way.  As it was, she showed up just as I was ending, and she kept her mouth shut.  I did make sure she had one of my handouts and she tried to tell me something I had on it was labeled incorrectly and I took glee in telling her I could care less what her opinion was on the matter, my presentation was O.V.E.R.

The presentations that followed mine were great and I learned a lot from each of them.  Until …

… it was her turn.  She stood up and just started spewing forth all this stuff about sex offenders, but it covered so many things, and was so rambling, that I could not figure out (until question time) what her presentation was on.  At the end, when asked for questions, almost every person raised their hand, and I knew I wasn’t the only lost soul.  She was so combative, interrupting the question asker, and was finally told by the professor to stand there without making further comment while we spoke.

It was the greatest takedown that should have happened a long time ago.  This whole term (and other’s I’ve had to suffer through with her) she has been rude and combative, talking over other people and most often missing the point and hijacking the conversation.

Now all that’s left for me to do this term is to show up for class next Wednesday and listen to the other presentations.

Unfortunately, I came home to some very tragic news.  I could tell the minute I walked in the door that Husband had had a very bad day.  He looked exhausted.  One of the Marines that works for him was told her husband was killed in Iraq yesterday.  I was already pissed off about Bush’s plan (hah!) for victory in Iraq and now I’m furious.  Every single death there is a tragedy, but when you know the person it’s beyond painful.

This morning I’ve taken my time getting out of bed, and all I can think about is stitching and cleaning up the mess the end of term always leaves on my desk.  Boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations are piled in my living room.  I think I’ll leave the cleaning and decorating alone and go stitch.
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