Wednesday, November 30, 2005
November Progress and December Goals
Between my trip to CATS and the distress over not getting a raise, I forgot to set down my November goals. They weren’t very ambitious. I just wanted to stitch! Well that happened. My spreadsheet says 64.75 hours. Woo hoo me! I stitched September, October, November and December’s Snappers. I also started and stitched for 17 hours on HAED’s Letting Go quick stitch. I’m rather happy about all that.

For December I’m expecting greater things. No school (except to show up on the 9th) so here’s to lots of stitching time:

HAED QS Letting Go – I’m thinking of changing to AE after 20 hours

Sweetheart Tree Antique Elegance -started at CATS in Santa Clara – it’s sitting on my desk where I see it every day and it’s been whispering my name.

Silver Lining Peace – I have to find Peace! It’s lost someone where in my craft dungeon and I really want to pull it out and work on it.

Mirabilia Fairy Moon – I’ve received an email from the Fair Committee with 2006 dates. I need to get cracking on this if I’m going to enter it.

Long Dog Sampler The Token Stitched together at my house on the 10th! Jill? Melissa?

In other stitching news, Marc Saastad sent me an email of his newest design. You can see it on the Silver Lining BB .

I’m off work all day today (and working Friday instead) to finish my Constitutional Law presentation paper. I’m hoping to get it presented tonight so I don’t have to worry about anything next week. Wish me luck!

3:28 p.m. newsflash!

I did it! I finished my paper, my presentation and my visual aides! Now here's hoping I get to do the actual presentation tonight so I'm be 100% over with the term!
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