Friday, November 18, 2005
I hate waiting
I am not a patient person.

I am currently waiting for Husband to return from surfing so we can go see Goblet of Fire. Of course, I have to go and renew the registration on my car first. It’s the 2nd anniversary of my owning my little bumble z and I’m just as thrilled to be driving it today as I was 2 years ago when Husband surprised me with it.

I am also waiting on a callback for a potential interview. I sent a resume out yesterday morning and last night, while I was at the Commissary, the attorney called me. I couldn’t believe my phone was ringing there since I never can get a signal to call out. Of course the reception was horrible and I could only catch every other word, so I asked if I could call him back within the half hour. We got home about 20 minutes later, but when I called him back I got voice mail telling me he was on the phone. I did leave a message that I was home, but he never called me back. So, now I’m waiting, and waiting.



Goblet of Fire was wonderful! I wanted to turn around and immediately go back and watch it again. They left a lot of things out, but it didn't matter. If you've read the books you'll totally understand everything that's going on. I truly think this was the best book, and the movie rates right up there as well. I laughed, cried, moaned and laughed some more.

And I had a telephone interview! The attorney called me back while I was waiting at DMV and interviewed me. LOL From what he's told me it feels like this is a small firm, which I like, and it's all litigation, which I love, and my position will cover a lot of areas. He had asked for my salary requirements when I sent the application, and none of that was even mentioned. He's asked for a second, face-to-face interview on Monday morning at 8:30, so now I'm waiting again, and I'm like a cat in a room full of rockers. I keep getting this big grin on my face and saying "I had an interview." I still can't believe it.

I also received a phonecall from a classmate that is still in the Elder Law class. She wanted to know how I was doing since she didn't see me anymore. Seems almost all of the class has dropped and no one likes the professor. She has not been truthful about how her testing is going to be, she's confusing when she lectures, and I'm so glad I got out when I did. Poor E has her for another class and said it's just as bad in that class too. She also told me that the students who have remained in the class are being argumentative with the professor, so once the reviews come out she'll probably be given very low marks. E is very excited for me about the job interview and is insisting on being a personal reference. :)
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