Monday, November 21, 2005
I had me an interview this morning!
I want this job!

Now that I know more about the firm, I want this job. It's in a beautiful old home which is surrounded by a white picket fence and the back part is shared by a bakery! LOL The smells were torture and I was horrified my stomach was going to start rumbling, since I left the house on an empty stomach. I had on a suit, he was wearing blue jeans.

I arrived 2 minutes late due to horrendous traffic and had 2nd thoughts about whether or not I wanted to drive that every single day. When I found out they wanted me to start at 8:00 I felt better, because I know the traffic is lighter earlier.

The position is really just what I'm looking for. It was advertised as part-time, minimum 20 hours a week, but it's more like 30-35 hours a week and will probably be full time soon.

I mentioned my concern about my still being in school, with a heavier load next term, and am concerned with getting to class on time. He told me not to worry, the other secretary is also going to school and currently leaves work early twice a week. Whew!

This is the first job I've inteviewed for so I have no idea how long they should last, but I was there for 45 minutes.

Perks: reserved parking, walking distance to great eateries and shopping, willing to pay within my requirements, either paid holidays or 2-week paid vacation (he couldn't remember which one, willing to work around my school schedule, office has an ocean view. Did I mention we share with a bakery?

Disadvantages: the drive. Ugh! But, possibly better if I take the PCH.

Maybes: If they like me, and I like them, the position could go full time salaried.

And guess what! I'm waiting again. He said he'd call me tomorrow.
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