Monday, November 28, 2005
It's that time of the term again
You know, where I complain about how I have so much to do, only a few more days to do it in, whine about where the time went, ponder on why I'm working so hard at the last minute when I didn't wait until the last minute to start.

I almost finished my final yesterday. I have 1 more essay question and a couple more short answers and I'm done. It's due Wednesday night.

As to my paper, I'm still not finished with it. It's due next week, but I want it finished for this week so I can try to present it and not have to worry about anything for almost 2 months.

I didn't start on anything as soon as I wanted to, but I didn't wait until last minute either and I'm somewhat pleased with my progress. I would like to say this is the most hated class I've taken so far and am really looking forward to never looking at this book again. The sad part is that this is the last class I'll get to take with this professor and I'm truly going to miss that. She has become somewhat of a mentor to me and I appreciate (and have told her so) all the guidance I've received from her in the past year+.

As to stitching, I've suprised myself this month. As busy as I've been, I've made time for my stitching and so far I've stitched 64 hours in November alone. I hope there's a lot more time available in December, but that will depend on my work situation.

I'm still waiting to hear one way or the other on the interview I had last week, plus I've sent out a couple more resumes. I'm in no hurry, and thought I wasn't stressed about it, but last night I had a nightmare about work! LOL So I guess it's on my mind more than I thought.
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