Thursday, November 17, 2005
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School.  Again.

I have been trying since last May to get the head of the Paralegal department to sign off on the paperwork and allow me to challenge 2 classes.  One is a required course and the other one is an elective.  Both classes were taken more than 5 years ago, in another state, at an ABA approved school.

The paralegal program at my school is being phased out because they have not been able to get ABA approval due to the lack of a library.  Never mind that there is a law library at the courthouse 5 minutes away.  If the college campus does not have the requisite research material available on the campus, approval is not given.

Last May when I approached the head of the department about challenging these 2 classes he gave me a list of things I needed to accomplish in order for him to even look at it.  I had to prove that I had taken the classes (my transcripts are in the Records department of this school); I have to get the form completed (did that last May); I had to prove the school was ABA approved (I have the portion of the catalog, plus the webpage address that proves this) and I had to write up why I deserved to be approved to challenge the classes.

The woman in charge of the Records department told me at the time I submitted my request to her that she would approved the challenge based on my taking the classes, plus my on the job experience; however, only the department head could sign off.  She included her business card and told me to tell him that she would approve it, if it were up to her.

I’m challenging Introduction to Law and Criminal Law.  The Intro class is the required course and my write up says something like with that class and my 3 years of on the job legal experience, I feel like I know everything there is to know about “intro” to law.  The Criminal Law class is one of those that’s earmarked that you have to take it again if it’s been more then 5 years since you last took it; however, when I entered the program that was not a requirement and I feel like I should be given credit for both classes.

Having these challenges approved determines whether I graduate (again) next term or not.

Last night I was supposed to meet the head of the department in his office (before my class) and HE WAS A NO SHOW!!!!!  Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhhh!  It has taken me since May to get him to answer his emails.  I refuse to leave my paperwork with the student clerk because if it gets lost I have to start all over again.

The professor of last night’s class suggested I go over his head and ask if there’s anyone else I can get to sign off since I’m having such a hard time getting him to even review the paperwork.  I told her I was afraid of him being vindictive and not approving the challenge if I did this.

I need to know by next week (which is a short week because of Thanksgiving break) whether or not he’s going to approve it since it determines what I take this next term.

Again, aaaarrrrrgggghhhh!    
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