Friday, September 30, 2005
I have shoes!
LOL  Nothing to go with them, but they’ll be perfect for a suit, be it skirt or pants variety.

I’m taking a break from getting things priced for our garage sale.  People (and I’m being polite here) will start cruising the neighborhoods before 7 a.m., but they’ll get their heads bit off if they even talk to me before 7.  I truly wish the gate guards would not let unstickered cars in before 7 a.m.

I think I have enough clothes out there to clothe at least 2 families.  I’m rather sad about some things, in that I’m upset I let myself gain all my weight back and can no longer wear some of the items.  A few of the more expensive “dress” items I’m keeping as incentive.

I’m also putting my 2 old stash cabinets out on the driveway to see if I get a bite off them.  DH was supposed to get my desk out of storage, but didn’t do it.  We’ll be doing this again in 2 weeks so I’ll nag him again between now and then.

I’ll be putting everything up around 10:00 and heading out shopping.  I did go to Stein Mart today to look for a suit, but they had nothing appropriate.  Tomorrow I’ll head over to Macy’s and Robinsons-May.  Next weekend, if tomorrow is unsuccessful, I’ll be heading to Nordstroms.  I keep thinking I need to just head downtown to Saks, but don’t want to make the trip except as a last resort.

If this isn’t the incentive I need to lose the weight, I don’t know what else will work.

I cut my hair yesterday.  This is the first time in longer than I care to remember that it’s been shorter than my shoulders.  It’s closer to my jawline than my shoulders.  I was very nervous about getting it cut, since it’s now in about 1000 layers, but I really like it.  Takes about 1 tsp of shampoo now, which will take some getting used too!  LOL
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