Tuesday, September 20, 2005
Ho hum
Work is starting to aggravate me. I still don’t have a computer, and Boss is getting a bit miffed about it as well. Yesterday afternoon around 3:00 D and I were looking at each other and she said, “I don’t have anything productive to do.” I returned, “I can’t get anything else done until I have a computer.” So we switched desks and she did a bit of filing and I typed up a couple of things. This has got to get rectified! As to her having nothing productive to do, that’s because Boss isn’t producing any work for her. I have plenty to do, but I need a computer. The computer guy is C’s brother-in-law and I guess because of that he puts us at the bottom of the heap when things need to be done. I guess the fact that we pay him the same as his other clients pay him is of not matter.

School is starting to get tough. I have a test tonight in Elder Law and a BIG test tomorrow night in Constitutional Law. Tonight’s test will probably be a snap if I just read the chapter a couple of times. Tomorrow’s test is open book/notes and it worries me when they’re like that. While it’s only on 3 chapters, they’re huge chapters with a lot of case law and I need to get to reading on them as well. Sigh.

Stitching is starting to become none. I haven’t stitched in almost 2 weeks and I have a couple of things that HAVE to get done and in the mail. Next Saturday I’m going to a get together in Orange County so perhaps I’ll stitch a little then.

Decluttering continues. I managed to pull all the clothes out of the top of my closet yesterday and have separated what I’m keeping (2 things?) from what I’m garage selling and have started washing those and hanging them in the garage. 5 minutes after my post on Sunday, Husband walked in and started putting my daybed drawers in.

  1. 15 minutes a day in my old stash cabinet

  2. get day bed drawers installed

  3. put new OTT light together

  4. go to the post office

  5. finish cleaning out my dresser

  6. move clothes from closet to dresser

  7. completely clean out top of closet

  8. organize my purses

  9. organize my shoes

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