Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Give Shuma back to John Wyrick!
Start at the bottom with Sept 22 video and watch the videos backwards to see how things have unfolded.

It breaks my heart to see this dog standing at the window and barking.  I just know he’s looking for his master.  There are people offering money to have the dog returned, an attorney has offered to represent him for free.  Wyrick doesn’t want to go the legal route, but I think the “little old lady cross stitch” community should start the campaign like no one has ever seen.

I think Lynn Nevills is a bitch and I personally want to be the one driving the Karma train.  She has even gone on the radio saying that Mr. Wyrick made up the story about being an evacuee (which has been proven a lie on her part) and she has even posted on a retriever BB about breeding the dog.  (LINK FOUND AND POSTED BELOW).  I know a lot of people have contacted the TV stations, but I think we should be contacting Lynn Nevills

KCTV5 contact info: General station e-mails: News tips: Investigative Hotline:

Be sure to send Lynn Nevills a letter in the mail too:

Lynn Nevills
2801 McComas Ln
Independence, MO 64050

I don’t think very much about John Wyrick’s relatives either, not letting him keep Shuma in their home.

I cannot believe how pissed off I am at this, this bitch!

More info added at 10:25 a.m.

Here’s the link to the BB she posted on about breeding the dog and here’s her email address too!

Lynn Nevills

I was told at first she wanted to breed Shuma, but her post on the BB reads that she wants to breed retrievers.

I’ll post my tag tomorrow.
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