Sunday, September 11, 2005
Rambling Katrina thoughts
Thanks for the votes.  I’m going to keep the poll open until next weekend.  Again, I appreciate your comments.  I like to hear what you think about what I’m asking.

Now, on to what I really want to know…

In tragic times, silly thoughts strike when you least expect them.  Things like:

Is your newspaper and TV guide subscription automatically canceled if you live in a particular zip code?

Are you still being charged your monthly fees for telephone, cable TV, Internet?

What about your car and home insurance payments?  Are you still being billed monthly for them as well, even though both items are probably underwater?

And those awful credit card payments.  You know the ones where you have zero interest, as long as you make your monthly payments?  Do you now have to pay 319% interest on them because you no longer have a mailbox that the postman you no longer have who no longer able to work from the post office that no longer exists has returned statements to the credit card company who probably no longer cares?

And what about the Saints’ uniforms?  Did the animals (yes, I said animals) that trashed the Superdome, steal their football stuff?  So many other things were stolen, and I guess you could say, the jerseys are clothing.

I know there are logical answers, but I’m sitting in my very safe, dry home, surrounded by the people and things I love and keep wondering:

How can you not know your social security number?

How could you have left the house without your purse, or at least your wallet?

Are you beating yourself up with all the “next time this happens, I’ll…?” because this is New Orleans we’re talking about; the place where tragedy seems to hibernate until people become complacent.

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